Ramadan 1437

First day of Blessing, Fast like you won’t be alive for tomorrow’s.



Alhamdulilah,Ramadan begins today Allahu akram😊😊. The prophet (SAW) said during this period all gates of hellfire are closed and the gates of heaven are opened and all form of evils are chained down . Does this mean that we are free to do anything we want or any sin we commit during this month will not be accounted for. The answer is no, this simply mean that we should strive to do things that will please Allah and seek repentance from him. Fasting is not feasting alone, it is for worshipping the creator.  It is very easy to abstain from eating and drinking but not easy to abstain from sins. Fast the first one like you won’t be alive for the second one, make sure you abstain from what will nullify your fasting. Do not forget to read the Quran and ask Allah anything you want.

🌙Ramadan Mubarak🌙

May Allah accept it from me and you.