Ramadan 1438

Ramadan Day 1: A grateful Heart

Alhamdulilah Rabbil Alamin!

I give thanks to almighty Allah who has count among those that will witness this special day today and am also grateful to him for making you all witness today.  Lots of people had prepared for this holy month,  some have died yet we are alive not by our own making but Allah’s special favour on us all.

The theme of today is titled a grateful heart just to show Allah’s greatest Ni’mah on us all. My question to everyone is how do we intend to be grateful to him for us being among those that has been given free tickets to witness this special day? 

Mine is listed below;

1. Adhkaar: To always remember and glorify Him, make Dua for everyone both living and the dead

2. Reading the Quran and listening to its recitation and also learn new things from the Quran.

3. Move away from anything that will break my fast, for example, Gossip, Backbiting and all other vices.

4. Encourage others to do good and also discourage them from engaging in sinful acts.

5. Kindness and politeness to everyone especially my parents.

6. Wish lots of people Ramadan Mubarak

7. Fast today as if I won’t be alive for tomorrow’s.

These are some of my today’s goals in appreciating Allah for making me one of those that witness today.

🎊🎊Ramadan Mubarak to everyone! 🎊🎉

🎆🎇 رمضان مبارك 🎇🎆

كل عام وانتم بخير😙